Viña do Avó Tinto

Why “Viña do Avo”?

Always I had the invaluable help of Manuel, the grandfather of my son, a man who dedicated his life to viticulture, lives forever for the vineyard never step on his head do another thing, today with 83 years still arching branches and tied with Wicker in a masterly way, this tireless worker and admirable man, deserves that we devote a wineViña grandfather and at least two red and white versions.

Vineyard red Avó do his white brother was born in 2005 harvest in 2004 and the following year.



Pasta traditional maceration, ferment all varieties altogether, at a controlled temperature.



Ruby Red, reddish purple, medium-high layer. It is intense on the nose and is extremely clean and fruity. Floral notes of home that turn in a defined and fresh, red fruit with a true Balsamic and herb stop.

 On the palate is rich and fresh and perfectly integrated acidity, its lightness and its low degree of alcohol make it a wonderful companion at the table. Final fruity and herbaceous with a persistence medium. Are you drunk with joy and ease.


 Varieties: Caiño 30%, Sousón 30%, Brencellao 10% and 20% Mencía. 10% Grenache.

Alcohol content: 12, vol.

 degree of acidity: 5,00 g/l, expressed as tartaric.

 Reducing sugars: 1.5 g / l.

High quality Natural Cork


These tastings are websites and journals, as wineries tend to praise too much our wines, is that we want to much, serious wine tasting always referred to a vintage and I would say that to a bottle. That each take it to the temperature you want, what want you and when look you. The advice of those who really know not too many, and in what little will advise that takes in good company, knows better and let us not forget that loneliness can sometimes be good partner, you enjoy wine as I do my work, be happy.