Sameirás Blanco

Why “Sameirás”?

It is an area in the town of Ribadavia, dividing between the parishes of Santiago de Esposende and San Andrés de Camporredondo.

 The current vineyard to 1999 consisted of 23 plots 7 of them belonging to the village of San Andrés so-called O Porto and the other 16 to neighboring Esposende, in where the area call this Sameirás.

 Buy 23 plots to other many owners is no easy task in Galicia, not always you can buy things with money, for four of them, it was necessary to resort to barter, how many headaches for the happy Sameirás, too many experiences made this place is recorded in our minds in a special way, as the grapes of this vineyard could produce a wine that is called from another formI think that this is the most appropriate.

 First was both white wine as red, but then call the winery where we make the Sameirás… is clear…Adega Sameirás

in the year 2004 2003 vintage are born our first Sameirás white and red.



Cold pasta and Lees in sweet, controlled fermentation maceration.



Appearance: Clean and bright yellow-green, with some gold flare and tear of good density.

 Nose: intense, Frank, with a marked fruity character (white fruits), and notes of fennel and laurel, cut grass, Lees and honeyed light souvenirs. In a pleasant and expressive whole.

 Mouth: has a good entry, good scope, structure and light craving, with the same notes that already announced us the nose, fruity, an estimable freshness thanks to its good acidity and a persistent finish, with slight bitterness and citrus memories.



Treixadura 55%,   Albariño 20%, Godello 12%,  Lado 8%,  Loureira 2%, Torrontes 2%, Caiño banco 1%.

 13.20 alcoholic strength by vol.

 acidity 5’8 g/l expressed as tartaric.

 Sugars reducers 1.6 g / l

 preparation: maceration of cold pasta and Lees in sweet, fermentation controlled.

Cork top super quality

 Were 30.000 numbered bottles.


These tastings are websites and journals, as wineries tend to praise too much our wines, is that we want to much, serious wine tasting always referred to a vintage and I would say that to a bottle. That each take it to the temperature you want, what want you and when look you. The advice of those who really know not too many, and in what little will advise that takes in good company, knows better and let us not forget that loneliness can sometimes be good partner, you enjoy wine as I do my work, be happy.