¿Why  “1040”?

It is a number but not one anyone, three vintages were necessary to achieve this wine, it was not something impromptu or casual, wanted to do something very different, that break the concept that Treixadura must be the majority grape in the O Ribeiro, I wanted to that in this wine were present which I consider are the 4 best Galician varieties without privileges to any, from the absolute impartiality, we leave as good father who give each one its qualities, we worried especially Godello always it manifested very explosive floral Albariño would not have problems, but it would be subtle Treixadura and elegant side, they behaved great, truth did not expect less than they are the best.

A different wine, should also have a different name, better a number 4 X 25, which refers to are 4 varieties to 25%. But also in the production we will be original, it will be in oak barrels and from half of fermentation and this will define when the density of the grape must to reach 1,040. Many times were that Alvaro told me, that it recodase that when he arrived to 1,040 must pass it to the barrels, which I told him that the 1,040 was already in the barrels and we forget 4 X 25



Maceration of cold pasta and Lees in dulce, from 1,040 density fermentation in barrels of oak, controlled fermentation, Lees work and staying for 6 months in barrels.


Tasting notes:

View: Yellow pretty golden tone and light greenish notes, clean, shiny and satiny.

Nose: medium intensity, Frank, with some complexity. A great treatment of parenting that is perceived very discreetly, leaving centre stage to fruit (white bone and skin of Green Apple fruit) with notes of floral, herbaceous, Lees, slight craving and a fine smoky touch.

Mouth: has good entry, with unctuous, of good structure, rather dry, passage with recollection of the lias and good fruit load, spicy, with subtle bitterness, a wonderful acidity and a long finish and fresh



Treixadura, Albariño, Godello and Lado parts equal.

Grade alcoholic 13.30 Vol.

acidity 5.9 g/l expressed as tartaric.

Sugars reducers 2,2 gr/l.

processing: maceration of cold pasta and Lees in sweet, fermentation from 1,040 density in barrels of oak, controlled fermentation, Lees.

Cork Top super Qualität

This vintage were produced 3,500 numbered bottles.


These tastings are websites and journals, as wineries tend to praise too much our wines, is that we want to much, serious wine tasting always referred to a vintage and I would say that to a bottle. That each take it to the temperature you want, what want you and when look you. The advice of those who really know not too many, and in what little will advise that takes in good company, knows better and let us not forget that loneliness can sometimes be good partner, you enjoy wine as I do my work, be happy.